Book Seven…Will all Truth be REVEALED?!

24 04 2009

Oh my gosh! I just finished Book 6 and I’m sooo happy that Mr. Canis is free from being the Big Bad Wolf anymore!

But now I’m left hanging because at the end, Goldilocks comes to kiss Henry so he can wake up and kiss Veronica!

But now, with $10.00 in hand, tomorrow I might get Book Seven! Now here’s what I think happens. Or what I KNOW happens.

Veronica and Henry wake up.

There will be a war between the Scarlet Hand and other Everafters.
Sabrina and Puck PROBABLY fall in love.
Uncle Jake and Briar Rose probably get married.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But what I”m REALLY eager for is…WHO’S THE “MASTER” OF THE SCARLET HAND?!!?

They say it’s a surprising Everafter. But who could it be? All truth will be revealed in Book Seven…The Everafter War. sisters-grimm-book-71




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28 04 2009

the master is mirror he stole sabrina and daphne’s baby bro (red’s little bro when she was creating her family) brair rose dies just after jake proposes to her she killed by a dragon please visit my site 4 more info!

4 06 2009

yupp that’s right :]]]]

i finished the whole series like…hrmm 2 months ago?

yup if book 8 comes out then i’ll be sooo happy :]]]

23 06 2009

*MAJOR SPOIL ALERT* Here’s all the big stuff that happens
Briar Rose gets killed
Jake Grimm gets REALLY upset (duh)
Jake was going to propose to Briar (never got the chance ’cause she got killed)
Snow White rejected Charming’s proposale and they aren’t speaking
Pinnocio comes into the story
And his evil puppets attack
Mirror is the master of the Scarlet Hand
Veronica (the mother) had a baby while she was asleep
Mirror took the baby
Daphne and Sabrina end up in Munchkin Land
There might be an 8 book because the last page said
To be continued…

30 06 2009

yup that’s correct!

well in a recent interview with Micheal Buckley, he says that he has 9 books in mind!

He said Sisters Grimm wasn’t going to continue forever BUT he says 9 or 10 books are on his mind!


8 04 2010
Big Bad Wolf

There is a book 8.It is called The Inside Story and sounds really good!!!

4 08 2009

I thought the wolf was the master.Cause I read the sneek peek and the leach. I can’t belvie that it was mirror is the master.

25 04 2010

I know, right!?

10 09 2009
#1 fan of sisters grimm

I cant believe mirror is the master of the scarlet hand. I also can’t believe that Sabrina and Daphne have gone into a book and into the wizard of oz. I cried when Briar rose died and all my friends were asking why i was so sad. Me and a good friend are macking a movie of sisters grimm and we thin its going to be a big sucsess. Puck and Sabrina sadly don’t fall that much in love and Puck is accusing Sabrina of giving him puberty.

18 12 2009

I haven`t been able to read what happens with puck?

25 04 2010

That depends, what book are you on?

8 04 2010
Big Bad Wolf

I have read book seven,in fact,I own a copy of it!
The identity of the Master is just sad,shocking,cruel and shocking even more!

10 05 2010

i wish Briar Rose didnt die or woke up from her death


10 05 2010

I wish Briar Rose didnt die or was awoken from when Uncle Jake Kissed him

25 05 2010

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


28 05 2010

why did u replly to my comment???

13 03 2011

It is so annyoing how mirror is the master but it does explain alot of things. Why him tho? He is stuck inside a mirror and can’t leave it. But he is the gaurdain of the hall of wonders. Wish Brai Rose didn’t die. Kinda crazy how Veronica (mum) had sabrina’s and Daphne’s little brother when she was in a enchanted sleep. (but cool) Maybe in Book 8 they can change her future. BTW totally pissed at the outcome of all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 07 2011

evryone thinks im crazy for loving this book my book buddy sammmi tell each other secrets about wats happening were we r in the book………the words r hard because daffiny doesnt ask wat they mean

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