I Finished Book 8!!

24 06 2010

Whew! And what a great book it was!

Hey, clubbers! So, I finished Book 8 of the Sisters Grimm. These books never cease to amaze me but what did you guys think?

I, myself, am just simply glad that at the end it said, “To be concluded.”

So, that means there will be a Book 9 but “concluded” means “to end” soo…Sisters Grimm, unfortunately, is ending after Book 9. Boo…

Anyways, my summer vacation has started and THANK GOD!!! So, that means I’ll have more time to check on the blog!

Alrighty, leave your responses below, if you’d like. See you. Get Grimm!




4 responses

29 08 2010

how do you join this club

7 11 2010

Go to the allaboutsistersgrimm.wordpress.com button next to the Home button and just tell me you want to join.

27 04 2011
Caitlin B.

I loved the 8th book!!!! And i cant wait for the 9th!! I hope sabrina and puck end up together!! I love the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 07 2011

thank god theirs a 9 but sometimes in the book puck was a real jerk but now i want them to get married

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