I’m Back!

7 11 2010

Hi clubbers!

I’m back from my unscheduled hiatus. I’ve been so wrapped up with work, because I’m at a point in my schoolwork where I’m busy getting ready for high school. So I’ve been a little too caught up in assignments to keep up with the site.

But I’m back now and boy, am I getting a LOT of comments!

Some, in particular, are getting on my nerves.

Guys, can you please cease fighting over the whole “I’m their biggest fan” thing? I’ve been seeing those types of comments all over the blog. I know how much you love the series, and I love to hear your praise, but don’t bicker over something so silly.

And, Danielle Pruitt, I’m so glad to hear your feedback. Unfortunately, putting a link to your own blog is not acceptable on my site. I know it’s not for competition, but I do think it’s for publicity. I’m going to have to delete your link, as I want you to gain publicity to your site the fair way. And that’s just what I did. I didn’t advertise on other blogs, I just kept on posting and people got interested.

That also goes for the rest of you. I want no advertising, fighting or nastiness on my site. This is a fun and peaceful site, and I wish to keep it that way.

Other than that, I am back!




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