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Q:  What IS the Sisters Grimm?

A: To me, they’re the best series in history. But they are a series of books about 2 sisters named Sabrina and Daphne and they take on the family business as Fairy-Tale Detectives (maybe you’ve heard of Brothers Grimm).

Q: What age would you recommend Sisters Grimm for children?

A: Umm…I’d say 9 or 10?

Q:  Is Sisters Grimm funny?

A: Yes, very funny :]

Q:  What do you do on this site?

A: Discuss the books of course.

Q: Will I become addicted to Sisters Grimm?

A: Yeah…

Q: Would you say Sisters Grimm is….scary?

A: They’re definately not a good bedtime story…

Q: What’s the Scarlet Hand? It’s been appearing in the book lately.

A: It’s a group of terrorists that kills people. They also took Sabrina & Daphne’s parents.

Q:  What’s with Mr. Canis? He’s a creep…

A: There’s more of a creep inside him then outside…

Q: Mr. Canis is always groaning and hurting himself at night…what’s with him?

A: You may not know it, but Mr. Canis is the Big Bad Wolf. Like all Everafters, he wears a disguise to keep him living a normal life.  In Book 1: The Fairy Tale Detectives, Mr. Canis turned into the Big Bad Wolf to fight Jack. After that, the wolf thinks he can get out of Mr. Canis and Mr. Canis has to fight the wolf off and keep him inside. So far, Canis is winning :]

So there’s my Q & A. Have any more questions? Ask in the comment box below!

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36 responses

18 12 2009

i wanna sign up! i ❤ Sister's Grimm

25 04 2010

Welcome to the club!

2 03 2010

me to me to i can’t find the website though 😦 ?!

10 05 2010

hey, guys? you forgot to add that the sisters grimm book 8 is out in stores. It’s really amazing and you should check it out.

27 05 2011

i know i already read it.allo of the books are so good.i read each book itself in two days.i read th 8th book the last two days of school.the baby brother is sooooooo CUTE!

10 05 2010


15 05 2010


8 07 2010

frikkk cn i sign up

23 08 2010

Yup! Welcome to the club!

29 08 2010

nice !!! i can join this club / COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
and I have question: if sabrina secretly loves puck then does puck love her?

7 11 2010

I think Puck loved her from the beginning anyway. It’s like a secret love.

1 04 2011

YEAH i think your right and i think sabrina liked puck as well but they were to shy or nervous to say so like in book 2 Sabrina says “Puck is not our brother!” and if you read between the lines i think she said that due to her massive crush on him

27 05 2011

yes.hes doing all those pranks on her to get her mind off that fact but it’s just showing that he really likes right right?

19 09 2010

the sisters grimm and the twilight saga are my 2 favorite series ever!!!!

5 10 2010

loved it

4 11 2010

I love Sisters grimm!

21 06 2011

u cant explain in words but its awesome

9 11 2010

it is the book ever writen! 🙂

13 11 2010

this book is the best series ive ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and it is awesome im actually addicted to it 🙂 ive read the whole series except for #9 and another one im just too shy to say it anyway……….. IIIITTTSS AWESOME!read them all!!!!!!!!!

27 05 2011

so have waiting for the 9th to come out.i hear its supposed to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

21 06 2011

when does book:9 come out

13 11 2010

i have a question why dont sabrina and puck just face the fact that they ❤ each other?

21 06 2011

because they are not sure that the other likes them

9 12 2010

because I think that since puck has a reutation to keep up and because it is sort of embarrassing if you think about it

18 12 2010

I dident like the last sisters grimm book8 i found it slow in the start and it buging me that sabrina keeps complaning”BOO HOO I always know what to do why cant I think of any thing now!’ well u almost never know what to do and things still work out but mostly because Puck saves the day!and the story whent know where. and in the end of book 8 there cleaning up the house why not go after the master now that he can leave the barrier!!!but I did Love book 7 i hope book 9 is good!

19 12 2010

THANKS!!!!! AND YOUR RIGHT I GUESS…. Its just… that … it is embarassing… but they love each other its just not right to take them apart!!!!!!!!!!

29 12 2010

i want in on this club! please o please sign me up.1:)

29 12 2010
Madelyn T.

MR. CANIS IS NOT A “CREEP”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry usually I do not have random outbursts such as that one.) Also, when does he hurt himself? (last question on blog.) I do not remember that. Could someone answer that? One last thing: If I sign up, is it free? Thank you. Oh yes, and:
get GRIMM!

2 02 2011

I would love to be in the club!

18 03 2011


1 04 2011

I have read all of the sister grimm books 4 times and i am reading them a 5th and i just have to say they are the best books ever but i have a question too, Why does Granny Relda let the everafters into her house if she knows they are dangerous and she has no clue who is in the scarlet hand, like for all she knows she could be the next victim.

1 04 2011
Martha Potts

I am eager for book 9 to come out. Any idea as to when it will be released?

27 05 2011

the sistersgrimm are such good books.i read all of them in a row.i want to read the 9th.i like everything they do in the books and i like the new words daphne comes up with.It’s so… PUNK-ROCK!i love sisters grimm!

9 06 2011

guys… um u know i made a petition so michael buckley would make more than nine books please sign the online petition here is the link!

27 06 2011

Hey, does anyone know what the 9th book is going to be about? Or when the movie comes out?

1 07 2011

omg this is so cool……im a reader and usually i can never really get into a book i dont hav th patience but not with this one this author needs to keep going

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